noveltyidstore.com is a SCAM run by Arya Ebrahimi

I sent him money as he requested to

Arya Ebrahimi

15823 Spyglass Hill Loop

Gainesville, VA 20155

He SCAMMED ME and never sent my ID. He blocked my email too.

I found his picture of what he looks like



and more info on this scammer is here


He is a fraud! He will never send you an ID because he is a low life scammer. I hope others don't get scammed like I did by this fraudster.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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@ amber p.

I wanted to order from them and actually just got the money pack...

I was gonna order from them but the site wont come up. Can u keep posted on here wat happens and if u do get ur ids?

to Anonymous #587589

noveltyidstore is a scammer and very bad for novelty id artists like me. i will do id for 60$ if you contact me say you are from pissed consumer.i have new website opening feb. 2013!!!!thank you my friends.



The Arya Ebrahimi noveltyidstore scammer is also on probation for drugs.

Here is a video of Arya Ebrahimi talking about using a drug masking agent while on probation

youtube.com /watch?v=BfbPB_tMCos

Arya Ebrahimi uses the money he makes from scamming people to buy *** and other drugs.


This is what that scammer looks like



and more info on this scammer is here


Arya Ebrahimi

15823 Spyglass Hill Loop

Gainesville, VA 20155


Did I scam you? Okay, please.

Let's see your receipt. *** liar. This is DelawareFakes. I know because I used that photo to buy an ID from you.

And YOU scammed me.

No one else has that photo. No need to be upset because I post my site link on your YouTube. It's business.

So shut up and stop ***. Little kids.

to Novelty ID Store Lake Elsinore, California, United States #584429

Hey I ordered two I.ds on Saturday and your site is suspended now. I was just wondering if I'm still getting my I.ds. I tried to email you.

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